Sunday, 18 September 2011

In the begininning...

Is it possible that the first blog post is the hardest?. i feel the urge to jump straight in .. you know, start how you mean to go on and all. But (did your teacher ever tell you not to start a sentence with that,oh well!) i get the feeling that this blog post needs to be an introduction of sorts, so here goes...
Hi my name's Christina, I'm 25 and live in Oxfordshire. I have worked my way through almost every premier skin care range available, because I'm non committal like that.. I buy shiny new makeup purchases only to use them once and then disregard them, to move on to something newer and shinier (especially if they have a good advertising campaign)..and i love clothes shopping, but am too lazy to try things on in store half the time, hence the trillions of items in my wardrobe that still have tags on them ooops. On the flip side, I'm engaged (see i can commit) and I'm planning my wedding which is in July 2012. 
I think you probably get the gist by now, so speak to you soon! :) xoxo

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